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Participate in a fully professional, social, engaging and interactive online school. Get the learning experience you deserve. 

Benefits of our training programs

A personal educational system based on more than two decades of successful academic activity

Practical approach

Our training is designed to provide the skills in a practical approach. Understanding what we do and why makes the acquired knowledge permanent

Visual teaching

Visual tools like animations, images, before and after pictures as well as commented videos boost the learning experience to a superior level

Prove your knowledge

Pass the theoretical test and accredit the knowledge acquired in a certificate of aptitude

Where you can use my services

 Specific brand courses
       Specific devices, products and techniques.

 General Courses
       General courses of aesthetic medical applications.

 Face-to-face training stays
       Experience the most advanced techniques live

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About us

Cosm-Ethical and Rational Dermatology is our phylosophy
We only use what for us are the best treatment options in Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Procedures.
We only perform those treatments that our patients really need 
We only teach those techniques in which we treasure a wide experience…
Because teaching can only be based on honesty…

Our Course Packages

Our single courses

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